the SVB tennis academy

Academic Options

In-Person Education

North Tampa Christian Academy (NTCA) provides an immersive, on-campus experience that encourages innovation through project-based learning and an engaging thematic structure.

NTCA’s philosophy is to put students at the center of their learning. It has many benefits for everyone involved. Children who feel involved in the learning process become more engaged in what they’re learning and motivated to succeed. They take more ownership of their work and responsibility for their learning. Through this increased focus, critical thinking and problem-solving skills naturally improve. Learning becomes an adventure, one that students continue to enjoy beyond their time in school.

Online Studies

Florida’s Virtual School program encourages you to follow your child’s passion and offers courses that fuel the mind and soul!

No Classroom Required. Find the online courses that excite your child and the support they need to crush them, in your child’s way and on your child’s time—because we know learning goes way beyond the classroom.